in memoriam sola tidoo
In memoriam: Sola Tidoo  

in memoriam sola tidoo

In the same spot where the dead were honored in ancient times, on the platform in front of Es Vedra, on Sunday January 11th 2015, a very special farewell ceremony took place for Sola Tidoo, beloved artist, decorator, artisan, resident of Ibiza and friend of many...
Sola Tidoo's Farewell Ceremony in front of Es Vedra
Op dezelfde plek waar in de oudheid de doden werden geerd, op het platform tegenover Es Vedra, vond op zondag 11 januari 2015, een bijzondere afscheids ceremonie plaats, voor Sola Tidoo, geliefd kunstenaar, decorateur, artisanaal, inwoner van Ibiza en vriend van vele...
Sola Tidoo's afscheidsceremonie tegenover Es Vedra
In honour of Iconic resident of Ibiza, German artist, decorator and artisan Sola Tidoo
The new year started with a great loss in Ibiza

on January 2nd 2015

Sola, has gone.

May her soul keep flying
Sola, has gone.  May her soul keep flying
Sola's Farewell Ceremony in front of Es Vedra

Iconic resident of Ibiza, German artist, decorator and artisan Sola Tidoo, age 53, died at her home in Ibiza after a long illness. On Sunday morning January 11th, 2015, despite her remains being cremated in Mallorca, her friends held an impressive farewell ceremony on the platform in front of  Es Vedra, where together they created a piece of art in memoriam of their beloved Sola.
Intentions: to create a huge mandala for Sola, together, and so a pyramid was built out of stones where candles, incense, crystals, fotos, etc and natural materials such as sand, salt, beans and flowers, all colorful and degradable, were put in !!
Shamanic rituals were performed in Sola's honour and a mystic cloud appeared around Es Vedra while friends meditate or reminiscent....

In memoriam:

Sola Tidoo, persuaded by a close friend, came from Formentera to Ibiza in 1984, where she visited sa Penya, experienced Ibiza's remarkable bright light and Medieval walls and she fell in love with the island, forever.
Sola was the pioneer of the artistic movements of Ibiza and the originator of the legendary trance cliff top raves of Ibiza in the nineties, after which she worked as a decorator at clubs Amnesia and Pacha. After those frantic years she devoted herself to creating impressive sets for International festivals.
She also established the successful brand PiratAs DE IBIZA, with their popular market stall on the Hippy market Las Dalias.

Friends and residents will always remember her characteristic designs from the rave entry medallions with Phoenician Punic symbols and her unforgettable posters, large collages (Tanit!), dreamy paintings to groundbreaking recycling fashion and much, much more.

From 2010 until the last moment she was connected to the creative scene of Ibiza as president of the Art Club Ibiza, where she will be much missed by art director and personal friend, Chris von Gagern.

She was a restless spirit and true friend of many, not only in Ibiza, all over the planet
Ibiza 4 all, Sola Tidoo's Farewell Ceremony in front of Es Vedra - January 11th 2015.


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